Zero 9 exists to deliver inspired spaces where you can transform life’s simple moments into memories to last a lifetime. This is to say, we’re in the business of building dreams…but we like to keep it real with our unique mix of meaningful client communication and high-end style. Our Gold Coast-based operation encompasses design and construction with a focus on innovation, superior quality, and keen attention to detail, fusing luxurious finishes with functional living.


Zero 9’s unified team is our secret sauce. Our passionate and highly skilled designers, project managers and builders strive to redefine the client experience with a service-first and solutions driven approach. Further support is offered throughout your build journey with a dedicated project administrator, estimator and site manager as well as an accounts team, factory foreman, cabinet makers and tradesmen. From assistance with plans, design and scheduling, to the procurement of curated finishes, detailed documentation and quality control, you will be kept across every aspect of your new home. We think out-of-the-box when designing and constructing within your four walls. We don’t walk past a standard you wouldn’t accept. And best of all, we listen with intent so we can communicate with accuracy.


Zero 9’s in-house design team is a driving force in our commitment to exceptional service as it allows our team to collaborate on every detail of your build from the creation of mood boards and schematic designs through to the day you put your key into the front door of your new home for the first time. Our designers will have unlimited access to your homes’ construction and factory teams to ensure your dream designs become a reality down to the placement of your thoughtfully selected tiles and tap wear. Our united team will live and breathe your home and we will treat it as if it were our own, with regular onsite visits from our designer to keep you across every aspect of your build.





Zero 9 oozes cool. From inception to creation, we’re authentic in our approach. We don’t bamboozle clients with big words. New builds can be overwhelming, especially for first-time clients. That’s why we use language that is clear. We are experts, without the confusion. We are high-end, without the overwhelm. We keep it simple. We keep it direct. We keep it cool.


We weave our passion into our communication. It can be easy for builders to get wrapped up in deadlines and numbers, and move quickly from one project to the next. But we recognise our day-to-day probably isn’t the norm for you. So we like to bring the energy and ride the rollercoaster with you. We all know the feeling of being around someone whose energy is contagious in all the right ways. our clients love when we’re passionate in our approach – because it means great results for them. Being obsessed with delivering the very best in construction, design and service is our sort of energy.


Engaging Zero 9 means one thing: the desire to stand out from the crowd. Using Zero 9 is as much of a statement as this sentence. Clients are proud to name drop Zero 9. Why? Because we set the trend. We set the standard. Our approach to design and construction reflects our innovation as we know clients will be wearing ‘delivered by Zero 9’ as a badge of honour.