Situated in the heart of beautiful Burleigh Heads, Burleigh Letting Co is so much more than a holiday management provider. Being in the business of escapes, they are committed to delivering experiences synonymous with a sense of freedom. So, from the moment you step inside Burleigh Letting Co's HQ you are enjoying an experience that has been carefully curated to transport you a place of freedom. The kind of freedom that comes from knowing you are about to engage with people you can trust. The experience inside the walls of Burleigh Letting Co starts in the Reception and Meeting area. These spaces, visible from the street, have been designed to draw you in with a sleek but inviting look-and-feel. The new HQ also cleverly incorporates various working alternatives for comfort and function. And that sense of freedom we mentioned earlier – it’s seen in the minimalist environment built by Zero 9, and felt in the exceptional service provided by Burleigh Letting Co.

Client Feedback

“Zero 9 recently completed a full renovation in our Burleigh office. Their professionalism throughout the whole process was fantastic, their speed in completing the fit out was far quicker than anyone else, and their workmanship was second to none. We will be using them for all of our fit outs in future.”

Director – Burleigh Letting Co.