June 2023 | BY ZERO 9

Is redeveloping a heritage-listed building as amazing as it sounds? Yeah it is! Want to learn more about how Zero 9 is pioneering construction of this amazing project, while still preserving the past? Yeah you do!

Zero 9 was lucky enough to be entrusted with the construction of Artesian Hospitality’s history-making GPO redevelopment in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, with the team undertaking a comprehensive schedule of structural rectification and preservation works to ensure the origins of the iconic site are not only honoured but highlighted as unique design features.

This isn’t the first time we have worked with the hospitality masters – they are the team behind our Surfers Paradise Pavilion fit out…and so were the designers, Space Cubed Design Studio, who have also been engaged again on Project GPO.

While paying homage to its 1887 roots, Zero 9 has been working to restore the GPO’s balconies, stairwells, and ceilings to replicate original designs and achieve complete structural integrity within current compliance standards.


Working on a heritage-listed site is undoubtedly a privilege and it also presents a number of unique challenges, a journey of discovery, and a few surprises along the way. We didn’t want to miss this chance to share the details of Project GPO which will ultimately deliver three new venues to Brisbane’s dining and entertainment scene…

So we’re taking you behind the build with a series of videos that reveal some of the more significant features and processes. Episode 1, Part 1 is below and you can visit @zero9constructions on Instagram or YouTube for more.